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Self-control workshops ending soon


Self-control workshops ending soon


Monaco’s Junior Chamber of Commerce Personal Development training cycle is coming to an end shortly with the last workshop in the series on Thursday, July 25 from 18:30 to 20:30. Following the theme of self-control, the title of the evening is “How to master ourselves in all circumstances.”

“Our brain must always choose between immediate gratification and long-term benefit. Exploring this phenomenon, science provides ways to improve self-control. For scientists, it is a key factor in daily health and well-being,” the JCE says.
The speaker at the interactive workshop will be Michelle Turchetto, Founder and Director, Metch Consulting. Location: Monaco Digital (ex MIS) The Campus, Copori Building, 5th floor, 9 Avenue Albert II, 98000 Monaco.

PHOTO: Melanie Dupoy, JCE Vice-President, Training


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