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SBM revamps Place du Casino to enable big events

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SBM revamps Place du Casino to enable big events


The major work that started this week on Place du Casino will provide a flat pedestrianised space that can easily accommodate large public gatherings. The project is due to be completed by Easter.

Landscape designer Michel Desvigne has come up with an esplanade paved in beige stone and with twenty palm trees. The fountain by Anish Kapoor will be placed at the centre, while the road that currenty runs in front of the Cafe de Paris will disappear. The Monaco Grand Prix track will be accommodated in the new layout.

Jean-Luc Biamonti of SBM said: “The idea is to be able to have big events once in a while. And to use this place for events, car launches, cocktails. We can now sell this very prestigious space to our customers.” Among events to be held in the space this summer will be the Dance Party on July 4 and the Celine Dion concert on July 18.



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  1. Chris February 1, 2020

    This of course looks very beautiful. The functionality however has been demonstrated failure in ascona Switzerland many years ago when the cars and it’s drivers people wanted to watch were banned and the the site lost its magic or interest


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